What is the cash bonus on the biline. How many bonuses will give and for what? Bonuses "Beeline": how to use?

  1. What is special
  2. All about "happy time"
  3. Change the number directly from the application
  4. How to get points
  5. How to check and spend bonuses
  6. How to connect bonuses on Beeline "Happy time"
  7. How to check the balance of bonuses on Beeline
  8. Description of the tariff "Happy time"
  9. How to activate the "happy time"?
  10. How to check the amount of accumulated bonuses?
  11. How to spend bonuses?
  12. How to transfer bonuses to another subscriber?
  13. How to pay for Beeline bonuses other services?

Most operators in the Russian Federation are developing various incentive programs for their customers. This also applies to Beeline, which offers to use the “Happy time” function and after a certain period receive cash bonuses in the amount of up to 15% of the amount deposited on the balance. That is, the money that was spent can be converted into bonuses for use in their own purposes. Attention! This discount is used only on mobile communication .

What is special

After activating the service "Happy time", the subscriber is charged interest from the amount spent on communication services, the Internet and the purchase of services Beeline. The number of bonuses credited to the user’s account depends directly on the term of using the services of the mobile operator. A description of how the Happy Time program from Beeline connects and disconnects can also be found on special number 0559.

Terms of accrual:

  • up to 6 months - five%;
  • 6 months - 1 year - 8%;
  • 1-2 years - 10%;
  • 2 - 3 years - 12%;
  • 3 years or more - 15%.

Due to which subscribers can view detailed account statements, connect or disconnect services and change the tariff with two tapes without opening the browser. Despite the solid functionality of the application, developers continue to complement it with new features. Recently, in the application "My Beeline" the opportunity to manage the bonus program "Happy time" has appeared. So all questions about the number of bonuses, bonus percentage and the time of enrollment will be resolved in two tapas.

The program "Happy time" appeared more than a year ago. Probably, many subscribers have connected to the program, not really delving into the essence: the main thing is that you don’t have to pay and charge some bonuses. Bonuses are always good, but where they go afterwards and how many bonuses you get, in general, it does not matter. Reluctance to enter Personal Area , search or send an SMS with the request.

Now you don’t have to do it, because this opportunity has appeared in the application “My Beeline”. Previously, “Happy time” was displayed only for subscribers - participants of the program, and now everyone can see it without exception.

Go to the section "Services", see the item "Happy time" and connect. Yes, if you participate in the “Raspberry” savings program, it’s impossible to connect “Happy Time” - you will have to choose. See for yourself what is best for you.

After reading (or very briefly reading) the offer and accepting the conditions, nothing happens for another month
After reading (or very briefly reading) the offer and accepting the conditions, nothing happens for another month. In this case, you do not lose anything, so you can wait.

But then comes the happiest time when for each deposit to your account you get points that you can spend on communication (not only in roaming) or the Internet. Moreover, points are awarded automatically and are spent in the same way - no need to memorize and enter any short numbers or confirm something by SMS.

In principle, the essence of the program is simple, but it still has its own troubles. For example, the bonus percentage, which depends on your "experience" with "Beeline", or the time after which points are awarded. And all this information is now in the app.

All about "happy time"

As I wrote above, the number of bonuses depends on how long you have been using the Beeline sim card. For example, if from three years - 15%; if from one to two years - charge 10% of your payment; if it is less, respectively, the percentage of bonuses will be less.

In general, the most faithful subscribers of Beeline get the biggest buns. The problem is that many users do not know when they connected to the operator, they simply don’t remember: maybe a year and a half ago, or maybe all three, it was a long time ago.

Now you can see this information in the app and even see how many days you have left until the percentage increase.

In addition, you see bonuses that are about to be credited to your account, and immediately know when your calls, SMS and the Internet will become free thanks to bonuses. You will find all this information in the “Finance” block - it will be more convenient to plan your communication expenses (below the Beeline screen for Android).

But that's not all.

Change the number directly from the application

Now you can change the number without getting to the Beeline office, but simply by going to the desired section of the application. If you are a Beeline subscriber for more than 30 days (and did not switch to Beeline from another mobile operator), you have no debts, and you have enough money in your account to pay for the number change service, everything will go smoothly and quickly.

You can choose a number by different parameters: by a memorable date or a group of numbers, by some word or by the degree of similarity with your old number (below the screen version for Android).

Well, if you don’t care at all what the new number will look like, you can choose the option “Random numbers” and get a new set of numbers that nobody knows for now but you.

So, due to the latest additions, account monitoring has become more convenient. Now there is not only the detail of payments and the full history of replenishment, but also the number of bonuses for the program. And connecting at least two services has become easier.

The developers of the application "My Beeline" do not cease to remind about it, expanding its functionality. Let's see what changes are waiting for the application in the future.

Many mobile operators coming up interesting bonus programs for their users. Bonuses are accumulated through the replenishment of the mobile balance, as well as by spending Money . Beeline has also come up with its program "Happy Time", which allows you to save and spend the accumulated bonuses.

How to get points

This program provides for the accumulation of points as a percentage of the size of the account replenishment. Upon receipt, the user has the right to spend them on communication services, on payment for additional functions, as well as on acquiring the device of this company.

It is very easy to get points, you just need to systematically replenish the balance. Bonuses themselves come to an additional account every month on the day of joining the program. The largest percentage is 15%. On average, it varies from 5 to 15% and depends on the duration of the use of Beeline:

  1. If less than six months, then 5%.
  2. From six months to a year - 8%.
  3. From 1 to 2 years - 10%.
  4. From 2 to 3 years - 12%.
  5. Over 3 years - 15%.

If you use for a long time, you are entitled to high percent . Beginners rely the smallest percentage.

How to check and spend bonuses

Before you spend bonuses, you need to find out how much they have accumulated Before you spend bonuses, you need to find out how much they have accumulated. This can be done in two ways:

  • through the Personal Account on the Beeline website;
  • dialing on the phone * 767 # and a call key.

If you do not use any options, but just talk with friends and go online, then points are spent automatically. If possible, you can activate them in payment options. Activation is also carried out through the Personal Account.

Many people are interested in: is it possible to pay for mobile Internet with bonuses? Of course you can. Points will simply be withdrawn from the bonus balance. The main thing is to have enough of them.

Note that points can be sent to your friends, who are also Beeline users. You need to know that more than 3000 points can not be sent. The minimum number is 10 points. In general, “Happy time” allows users to profitably use points that accumulate in the process of talking, sending SMS and using mobile internet . It is advisable to study this information in detail in order to benefit from the accumulated in the future.

The mobile operator Beeline has also developed special program , which allows the subscriber to accumulate points to the bonus account, which can then be exchanged for different kinds goods and services. The editorial staff decided to more fully understand the possibilities of this program.

As it turned out, everyone who wants to be a valid subscriber can take part, while the percentage of accrued bonuses will depend on the period of use of communication services. Such conditions are provided by special service "Happy time".

This service even allows you to transfer your accumulated bonuses to other subscribers. Interest earned on account deposit amount

  • If the subscriber is served up to 6 months, he gets - 5%
  • If the subscriber is served from 6 months to 1 year, he receives - 8%
  • If the subscriber is served from 1 year to 2 years, he receives - 10%
  • If the subscriber is served from 2 years to 3 years, he receives - 12%
  • If the subscriber is served for 3 years or more, he receives - 15%

The amount will be credited to a special bonus account, which is always available for the subscriber.

How to connect bonuses on Beeline "Happy time"

As already written, all existing subscribers can connect to this program. cellular operator Beeline, while the number of accrued bonuses will depend on how long the subscriber uses the services of this operator.

To activate a new member, you can use one of the following methods:

  1. You can use a special USSD request that allows you to quickly activate this service on your phone. To do this, dial the combination * 767 # and press the call button. As soon as activation occurs, the subscriber will be sent Announcement
  2. You can also activate this service by calling to. After establishing contact with an employee of the company, he needs to submit an application to activate the Happy Time subscriber motivation program.
  3. You can also use the free short number and independently activate this program. For this you need to dial on the phone number 0767
  4. “” - this customer self-service system makes it easy to activate this service. When using this service, you will need access to the global Internet

Everyone can choose any of the available methods, they are all equally effective. After this service is connected, the subscriber will immediately begin to accumulate bonuses for recharging his phone's account.

How to check the balance of bonuses on Beeline

All loyalty program members accumulate bonus funds to a special bonus account. These funds are automatically used to pay for various services, such as outgoing calls, sending MMS messages, SMS, and mobile Internet.

Also, the accumulated bonus money can be transferred to any other number that participates in this program. You can check the amount of accumulated bonuses in one of the available ways:

  1. You can use a special USSD command. To do this, on the phone you need to dial the number * 767 # and press the call button. As a result of this query on the display mobile device information on the amount of accumulated funds will be displayed
  2. You can view the amount of accumulated bonuses through "". To do this, the subscriber needs to log into the self-service system and view the specified information.
  3. You can also call and ask a question to a company employee.

You can also call and ask a question to a company employee

Beeline offers several subscribers loyalty programs, so do not dwell only on this service.

“Happy time” is a loyalty program, a service for Beeline subscribers, with which you can receive bonuses and spend them at your discretion (for example, on other mobile network services). It is also possible not to use bonuses immediately, but to accumulate a certain amount of them and get a big prize. There are many advantages, the key of which is saving on communications per month up to 15% of funds.

Description of the tariff "Happy time"

The number of points directly depends on the “fidelity” of the Beeline network subscriber (the longer the SIM card of this network is in use, the more their number accumulates):

How to activate the "happy time"?

To activate this program, you can use several methods:

  1. Authorize on the operator’s website, register (if it hasn’t been done before), enter the user's personal account and press the service activation button;
  2. Call 767;
  3. type command - USSD request * 767 #.

All requests, calls and other commands to activate the service are free for Beeline subscribers. Bonuses after accumulation will be automatically used after their accrual.

When using this loyalty program, you can apply for which, over the past 3 months, you need to spend more than 1,500 rubles on average for communication services. This status is activated for 1 year, and later it is automatically renewed if the costs correspond to the same characteristics.

If the subscriber no longer wishes to be a subscriber of the service “Happy time”, he can send a USSD request * 767 * 0 # or enter the site in the settings in the personal account.

How to check the amount of accumulated bonuses?

To check the bonus balance, you must enter the request * 767 * 2 # or go to the portal in your account.

It is important to remember that bonuses are not accrued and will not be received for the following operations:

  • if paid for services of mobile commerce, in particular the payment of utility payments, and other services of third parties);
  • Beeline information and entertainment services;
  • mobile transfers;
  • messages and calls to other states;
  • messages and calls in roaming;
  • when using the service "".

How to spend bonuses?

They can be used when using communication services: for calls, subscription fees, messages, the Internet. Free calls are the main use of bonuses. In addition, bonuses can be paid at Beeline offices when purchasing equipment (part of its total cost). Also, bonuses can pay for the fact of switching to another tariff plan or donate them to any subscriber.

The service is valid for 30 days, after which the withdrawal of bonuses is terminated and they accumulate again until the re-activation option is reconnected.

If bonuses are over, communication services are paid by the account balance. If, with the bonus debit function turned on, they have accumulated again, then they are automatically spent on communication services.

Bonuses are written off in order of their accrual, i.e. those which were earlier displayed on the personal account are written off more quickly. Their life expectancy is 6 months after they are on their personal account (they will burn after this period, if they are not spent).

How to transfer bonuses to another subscriber?

  1. dial USSD request * 767 #;
  2. specify telephone number addressee of bonuses in the format 90XXXXXXXX and the amount to be donated;
  3. enter the secret code received via SMS to confirm the transfer operation.

How to pay for Beeline bonuses other services?

In addition points are paid for the following services:

  • "100 SMS to international roaming »(Valid for 30 days, cost 295 bonuses): connects to the number 06740487;
  • "1 GB" (cost 250 bonuses): connects to the number 06740488;
  • "Extend speed 4 GB" (cost 500 bonuses): connects to the number 06740489.

Subscribers with the credit method of payment can receive a discount on the monthly invoice, which is valid for 30 days in relation to expenses exclusively for mobile communication: calls, subscription fee, SMS, Internet. The discount must be activated before billing USSD request * 805 #, at the same time, it applies to the account nearest to the invoice. It does not have to be used every month. If 3 monthly bills are not paid for with a discount, then you can receive one of the gifts: 500 MB of Internet, 60 minutes for the local network, 10% discount for the purchase of phones and smartphones in the Beeline office.

How to check the amount of accumulated bonuses?
How to spend bonuses?
How to transfer bonuses to another subscriber?
How to pay for Beeline bonuses other services?
Many people are interested in: is it possible to pay for mobile Internet with bonuses?
How to check the amount of accumulated bonuses?
How to spend bonuses?
How to transfer bonuses to another subscriber?
How to pay for Beeline bonuses other services?