The program for reading the Word. How to open a Word document in your phone for reading

  1. Smart Office - now in 3D
  2. OfficeSuite - create and print documents wirelessly
  3. Quickoffice - 15 GB for storing office files for free
  4. How to open documents on android in Microsoft Word
  5. How to open Android and read Word documents from OneDrive
  6. How to open and read an Android document from Word vault from Dropbox
  7. Open the Word document on Android - conclusion

Smartphones and tablets on Android can be a great helper in school, work, business and other matters. To make your gadget like this, you need to teach it to open files in DOC format and other office documents. Developers from around the world have presented many programs that can do this. Your attention is invited triple top apps with the highest user rating.

Smart Office - now in 3D

Smart Office is considered to be the best office suite for Android devices. Previously, the program was known as Picsel Smart Office.
The program is easy to install and configure. Allows you to create, conveniently view and edit various Microsoft Office documents, images in most existing formats, PDF documents and much more.

It supports synchronization with the Dropbox file storage service. The program interface is clear and logical, there are no unnecessary and confusing buttons and functions for the user, it works quite quickly. Built-in full Russian translation. There is even the ability to view documents in 3D, but many users did not understand how this function is useful when viewing office documents.

OfficeSuite - create and print documents wirelessly

OfficeSuite is the most popular program to date. Allows you to work with most of the existing "office" formats.

AT latest versions developers have significantly expanded the capabilities of the application. There was a function of exporting tables and slides of presentations to PDF and back, the ability to work with a numeric keypad was added, which makes entering numbers more convenient, etc. Created documents can be sent for printing on some models of printers. A complete list can be found in the corresponding section of the application. Friendly and intuitive interface allows you to master the work with the program, even an unprepared user.

Quickoffice - 15 GB for storing office files for free

Quickoffice - popular free program submitted by Google. Allows you to create, conveniently view and make changes to the DOC-files and other office documents.

Developers offer to authorize in the application using google account . This makes it possible to save files on the Google cloud and get instant access to them from any other devices. Each user receives absolutely free 15 GB of virtual space, which is a big advantage over other similar applications.

By combining Quickoffice with your Google account, you will be able to fully work with Microsoft docs Office, view saved files on Google Drive from your and any other devices, view PDF files, open access to folders on Google Drive for other users, attach necessary files to emails etc.

In fact, the programs for opening DOC on Android are much more. You were presented with 3 of the best, received the highest rating and the largest number good reviews from users of gadgets on Android. Choose the application that best fits your needs and enjoy full-fledged work with office documents.

The network is a huge number of books and documents in Word format, and Android devices are gradually seizing the Internet.

As far as I remember in the old versions of android - up to 5.0 programs for opening such formats is not provided.

In Android 5.0 and higher, there is an office from Microsoft (I will not sign for everyone - I have one).

In general, it is usually not necessary to run programs. If you have them installed, the system will independently apply them.

If there are two programs, it will offer a choice - which one to use, only it can be applied permanently in the future.

First you need to open the application. If you have never read or created a Word document on your phone, smartphone or Android tablet, the list will be empty.

If you have already used the program you want to use, you should see all the documents you have recently worked with, regardless of where they are stored - just click on one of them to open it.

How to open documents on android in Microsoft Word

Then click on the “This Device” line.

Now you can access documents that do not appear in the list of recently opened.

To start reading, select the place where it is located: if downloaded, then in the folder - Download, if saved, then Storage or Documents.

How to open Android and read Word documents from OneDrive

To open documents stored on OneDrive, go to the opening screen.

Then select (click) OneDrive to access the files stored there.

Now select the folder where your data is stored, with a simple click on its name.

How to open and read an Android document from Word vault from Dropbox

As in other places, opening files on Dropbox begins by clicking on the icon in the main application window.

You must click on Dropbox to view the files saved in this cloud service.

Open the Word document on Android - conclusion

Microsoft Office Suite for Android is a modern application, which means that you can open and read not only the files in your phone, smartphone or tablet.

You also have the opportunity to get quick access to various cloud services.

Opening documents on a local device, OneDrive and Dropbox is a very simple process, and almost identical in each case.

You do not have to learn the various menus and settings for each account. If you have any problems with Microsoft Office for Android - please contact us in the comments. Successes.


Features of the program Program for reading Word documents :

  • creating and editing documents
  • convenient interface
  • multi-language support
  • work with cloud storage
- the most frequently used software package for viewing PDF files, creating, editing and viewing doc files , exel and so on. on Android screen smartphone or tablet.
The application is free, and some of the necessary functions for the operation can be purchased directly from it. In this list, the synchronization of documents from a PC, connections to various cloud storages, work with doc and docx and files and the ability to open password-protected files.
More than fifteen years The program for reading Word documents is installed on many gadgets. In addition, users of Android gadgets over forty million times installed it yourself. The program for reading Word documents in Russian provides an opportunity to perform a variety of operations. So the presence of technology InTact Technology ™ allows you to save the original formatting of the documents to be edited. The application is very convenient to use, because all the necessary files for work are displayed in one application. This will save you from having to download various programs or components that may be required when working with cloud carriers. In the arsenal of the application several options for synchronization and saving files. If necessary, they can be saved on a computer, laptop, on one of the cloud storages or on any Android device . Currently, the application is available in several languages: Russian, English, German, Japanese, etc.