Hacking a Sony PS4 is doomed to failure, and the reasons for that are a whole lot

A few weeks ago, in the PS4 game console, we managed to detect a vulnerability that made it possible to crack it. As a result, now on one of the most popular consoles in the world you can play a variety of video games for free. However, hacking a Japanese gaming device is doomed to failure, and there are a lot of reasons for that. All of them are extremely important and significant, so after a few months most people simply forget about it and prefer not to even remember.

The main problem is that the breach in the protection system was found only in firmware 4.05, while at the present time the actual software is version 5.05, that is, much newer. Sony does not allow downgrade (downgrade the firmware version), so only a few out of hundreds can crack the game console. As a result, in its current form, the potential launch of any games is available for free only to a very, very limited circle of users.

To play online, it is necessary that the latest firmware version is installed on the PS4, that is, after hacking, the multiplayer can be forgotten forever. Even if you only play single-player story games, there are very strong limitations here. New God of War and The Last of Us Part II will be released very soon, however, they won't be able to run them on the Sony console because they will require the latest software to run.

Thus, after just one year, the PS4 burglary owners will not be able to launch any of the new modern games, and it will be possible to play only those video games that are compatible with outdated software. All this already extremely gloomy picture is complemented by the fact that there are very few different games available on torrent trackers for free download. Moreover, almost all of them weigh more than 20 GB, so an ordinary user with slow Internet will have to download them for several days in a row.

It is now much easier to buy supported licensed games, share video games with friends, and also pay money for a subscription to PS Plus, which allows you to access dozens of cool games for free, and new game projects will be available every month, including cool ones exclusives from Sony .

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