Option MegaFon "Pay for me": a detailed description. Please refill account megaphone

  1. 1. What is "Pay for me"
  2. 2. How to ask for "Pay for me"
  3. 3. Duration and special requirements of the service
  4. "Promised payment"
  5. Service cost
  6. Promised Payment Management
  7. "Call at the expense of a friend"
  8. "Trust"
  9. "Call me"
  10. “Pay for me”
  11. How to use the service "Pay for me" on Megaphone
  12. Terms of the option "Pay for me" Megaphone

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Megaphone offers its subscribers a special service "Pay for me." This feature is very much in demand between close friends and relatives, when trust and the desire to help a loved one always remain an active subscriber is in the first place.

1. What is "Pay for me"

Any subscriber of the cellular network has the opportunity to send a request for account replenishment. This is especially useful when a negative balance or roaming, when there is no opportunity to call a friend and ask for help. A friend simply receives an SMS with a request to replenish your account.

2. How to ask for "Pay for me"

To use the service "Pay for me" it is enough to dial on the phone a combination of numbers 143 # ХХХХХХХХХХХ #, where ХХХХХХХХХХХ is the number of the subscriber who is requested. X-number should be dialed in strict accordance with the format: country code - operator code connection number phone.

To keep calm, all steps of the service are confirmed. First a message arrives that a request for depositing the account has been sent to the subscriber, then a confirmation of the delivery of the SMS to him with the request. In this case, incoming SMS must be active.

3. Duration and special requirements of the service

A request for recharge can be sent no more than 30 times a month and no more than 5 times a day. In this case, the incoming SMS with the request is really 12 hours.

Everyone who uses mobile phone , more than once he was in a position where it was necessary to make an urgent call or write a message, but the funds on the balance suddenly ended. Of course, you can easily get out of this situation by contacting your operator’s customer service center or using a terminal.

But what to do if you have a negative balance, do not have money or the ability to replenish it, but at the moment you need to urgently call someone? Megaphone will give you this opportunity, even if you are “at zero”.

What services are provided by the operator for such situations? Megafon subscribers whose balance is zero, can use the services described below.

"Promised payment"

With this option Megafon, you can replenish the account in debt for a certain amount - from 50 to 300 rubles. Your room will open another reserve balance, which will display the virtual amount. These funds will be created by the operator artificially, and you will not need to urgently contribute cash into the account.

This service provides an opportunity for a subscriber to use a mobile connection until the amount of the promised payment is spent. Thus, it is a kind of deferment of payment.

The service validity period will be determined in a specific case by the operator, as well as the amount by which your account will be credited.

If you are unable to replenish the account for the specified amount in the allowed period, then not only the service will no longer operate, but your Megaphone number will not be serviced temporarily.

Service cost

Payment for the provision of services is made at each order of the option by the subscriber, who, within the period specified by the operator, pays money to his balance, which delays payment by installments.

If you will be charged 50 rubles. to the account, the cost of connection will be 5 rubles, and if 100 and 300 rubles, then you will need to pay 7 and 15 rubles. respectively.

You can specify the price of connection on the company's website or by making a call to service number 0006.

Promised Payment Management

Connection can be made independently. To do this, you just need to dial USSD-combination * 106 #. You can also call the number 0006 or send a message with the text "100" (or "300") to the same number. Including, you can order a deferred payment in your account, where you will need to specify the required amount in the appropriate section.

You do not need to disconnect the service yourself, as this will occur in an automatic manner within a few days, depending on the amount provided to you.

"Call at the expense of a friend"

If your balance is “at zero”, Megaphone will help you make a call by asking for the payment of your interlocutor. To do this, before you are connected, the called subscriber will be notified of the cost of the call, and he will be asked for permission to receive the call and agree to pay for it. In order to confirm your consent, your interlocutor will need to press the "1" key.

So, how to order an option? To do this, send a message containing a “+” and the number of the intended interlocutor to service number 5084.

In the event that the subscriber wants to reject the call, he, of course, can do it. Using this option, you will have the opportunity to make a list of familiar subscribers that you do not intend to help. This list is compiled using the “Stop List” ban service.

The option provided by Megaphone is absolutely free. Incoming call charged 3 rubles. in 1 minute of conversation (without taking into account your usual tariff package).

Special connection option is not made. In order to completely abandon it, you need to send a message to 5084.

The client operator can use the "Call at the expense of a friend" no more than 10 times per day.

You can also ask to pay your SMS, which must be sent with the indication (before the number) "000". After the other client of the network confirms his agreement to pay for the message, he will be able to read it.

After the other client of the network confirms his agreement to pay for the message, he will be able to read it


Megaphone can provide a subscriber with a credit limit at zero on the balance sheet. This service is not available for those connected to corporate rates as well as those on whose account several subscribers are registered.

The loan amount is determined by the operator based on the average amount you spent over the previous three months of using mobile communication.

The minimum allowable amount on the account is valid for two months from the date the option was granted. However, if in the first month of using the loan, your balance will still be negative, then its size will be recalculated.

Connection is free of charge, for which you will need to execute a contract at any customer service center. The credit limit will be calculated individually for you, as well as the threshold at which the service will be terminated.

When you connect, you agree to pay monthly mobile services u that will be provided on the grounds of the loan.

You can apply for a loan using the appropriate column on the company's website, as well as Personal account . The subscriber can make a call to the short service number 0500.

Disabling services is carried out similarly.

"Call me"

If your account is at zero, you can also ask a friend to call your number using this function.

For MegaFon customers, it’s enough to make a USSD request in the format * 144 # number #. After that, your future interlocutor will be notified that you have no money for a call, and you expect him to call back.

In this case, you will also receive a response message, which will contain information about the status of the request.

All subscribers can activate this function, regardless of the tariff plan.

“Call me” is a convenient solution not only for zero on the balance, but also, for example, in roaming or in such a combination of circumstances, when your friend to make a call will be much cheaper than you.

Remember that the limit of free requests per day is no more than 10 messages.

“Pay for me”

If you suddenly have no funds in your account or you can’t replenish it due to certain circumstances, use this service.

With this service, you can contact your relatives or friends with a request to replenish your account.

In order to do this, it is enough to dial the USSD-combination * 143 * subscriber number #.

The subscriber whom you ask for help will receive a notification with your number and instructions on how to replenish it.

He can put money in his mobile account using “ Mobile transfer ", For which you need to dial the command * 133 * amount of payment * subscriber's number #.

The cost of translation for the one who will carry it out, is 5 rubles.

Send a request "Pay for me" you can not only Megafon numbers, but also other domestic mobile operators.

The service is available to all subscribers of the network. During one calendar month you can send no more than 30 messages containing a request to replenish an account, and no more than 5 requests per day.

Every day, tools for using mobile communications are becoming more interesting and more convenient for subscribers of cellular operators. As soon as one or another operator does not get out, if only his subscribers would be good and comfortable to communicate and use additional services for pleasure.

Megafon company does not forget about its customers, as well as their friends and relatives - not so long ago a great service “Pay for me” was born, which allows you to ask your friend or friend to replenish the balance of your phone. At the same time, your account may even be blocked, and you can use this service.

What kind of service "Pay for me" and what are its features?

The above option appeared on the mobile services market not so long ago, some time after the appearance of the “Call me back” option or, in common, the usual beggar. The principle of operation is the same. From your phone you send absolutely free inquiry to your close people with a request to replenish your account, and you can send such a request not only to Megafon subscribers, but also to any other cell number any operator of Russia.

After you send a request, you will receive an SMS notification to your phone with information that a subscriber with such a number has been sent a request to replenish your personal account . Accordingly, the user to whom you sent the request, he will receive a message of the form: “The subscriber with such a number asks you to replenish his balance. To do this, you can use the Mobile Transfer service from Megaphone. Type the following combination. The cost of transferring such and such. ”

How to send a request “Pay for me” or “Deposit money to me” Megaphone?

In order to use the above service you will need on your mobile phone Dial a combination of the form: * 143 * Number of the subscriber, whom you should ask for help # and the call send key. The phone number can be dialed both from +7 and starting from a simple eight. The service “Pay for me” is automatically connected, it has no cost and subscription fee . You can take advantage of it always, even while roaming in Russia.
Attention, the terms of billing and payments may be different depending on the region of registration of your SIM card, for example, Central, Caucasus, Siberia, the Far East, the Urals or the North-West region. Our material deals with the service provided in Moscow and the Moscow Region. More detailed information You can always clarify on the official website of the operator Megafon.

What can be done in cases where the money in the mobile phone account has suddenly run out. In such situations it is necessary to use the option that allows you to send a request to another subscriber with a request to replenish [...]

It is not uncommon when the account runs out of money, this can happen both during a conversation with the subscriber, and in other situations. To get out of this situation, you can of course just replenish your account, but what if you can’t do it, for example, you don’t take money with you or something.

Then the subscriber can always use the option " Pay for me ." This service allows you to send a request with a request to replenish your account to another subscriber.

Thus, you have the opportunity to ask a person close to you to replenish your account even when zero balance . This service is provided to all subscribers for free and does not require separate connection , as part of a basic set of services. To use it, the subscriber just needs to send a special request from his number.

How to use the service "Pay for me" on Megaphone

To send such a request, the service must be active and work properly. cellular . In fact, everything is very simple, in order to send such a request, the subscriber needs to dial the following combination on his mobile phone:

  1. * 143 * subscriber number # and press the call button
  2. Subscriber number - the number of the person to whom this request is addressed.
  3. As a result of this USSD commands the subscriber will receive an SMS message in which your mobile number and the fact that you ask him to replenish his account. It will also show the date and time of sending this information message.
  4. And as a confirmation of the successful sending of the request, you will receive an informational message that the subscriber with the specified number received your request

And as a confirmation of the successful sending of the request, you will receive an informational message that the subscriber with the specified number received your request

This service can be used not only in Russia, but also when the subscriber is outside the country - at. Also requests of this kind can be sent to all numbers. mobile operators Russia, which makes this service more convenient.

Terms of the option "Pay for me" Megaphone

This service is provided to subscribers for free, but still there are some limitations in its work. The fact is that the user can send a limited number of requests per day no more than 5 pieces, and in one month no more than thirty. If for any reason it became necessary to disable this service, then you need to use one of the ways for this:

  1. Dial