How to throw a megaphone on a chime. How to send "waiting for a call" from Megaphone

  1. Are there any restrictions on tariffs and balance for this service?
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This useful addition was introduced by Megaphone several years ago. The essence of the service is that if you do not have the opportunity to make phone call to another MegaFon subscriber, he can at any time send him a text message, the text of which will state that you are waiting for a call. Within a few seconds, your friend will receive on your phone a message with the text of the following character: “The subscriber (your number should follow) is waiting for a call from you. Call him back, please. ”

What is great is that this service is completely free and does not require any subscriptions. But it should be borne in mind that the daily limit of these requests is limited to no more than ten messages. Therefore, it is not necessary to send several SMS at once in a few minutes, they may still be useful to you. In addition, it is worth remembering that this service is valid only within the network, that is, you cannot ask you to call other people’s subscribers in this way. mobile operators .

In order to send a request for a call to your friend, on the keyboard you need to dial the following combination: * 144 * subscriber number of your friend, then you need to press the grid (#). As soon as the request is processed by the system, a notification appears on your screen that to this subscriber Megaphone was sent "beggar".

Are there any restrictions on tariffs and balance for this service?

No, no matter what tariff of MegaFon you are served, it does not affect the ability to use this service. This also applies to prepaid subscribers and contract servicemen. Also you can safely send these SMS messages if you and your friend have different tariffs for services. Among other things, different regions of coverage of the same operator are also not an obstacle in the implementation of this request.

In addition, you can send “beggars” not only at the moment when your money runs out of money, but also when your phone’s balance has a positive amount.

We remind you that this opportunity is absolutely free and not a single penny will be deducted from your account. As Megafon assures us, “it was, it is and it will be,” so be careful not to fall for the scam of mobile scammers.

Actually, this is the main wisdom of sending "beggars" to Megaphone numbers. As you can see, there is nothing difficult about it. Situations in life are different, and therefore this service is really a lifeguard in our time. By the way, with similar requests you can also ask your friend to send you money to the account or borrow from the operator. We are confident that our information has helped you in resolving this issue and you will continue to feel the joy of communicating with your loved ones and friends.

We are confident that our information has helped you in resolving this issue and you will continue to feel the joy of communicating with your loved ones and friends

Your question:

How to ask a Megafon subscriber to call back?

Wizard Answer:

It happens that the money in your personal account suddenly runs out of money (the subscriber simply forgot to check the account). In this case, the interlocutor can be asked to contact you. In the list of services offered by MegaFon, there is a service such as “Call Me”.

All that is needed for this is mobile phone which is connected to MegaFon.

The request “Call me” can be sent to any subscriber of a mobile operator located in Russia. All MegaFon subscribers can use this service (the service is provided by default). Services for connection, subscription fee and sending a request are free of charge. To send a request. You need to dial the command * 144 *, specify the number of the subscriber and put the # sign. The number must be specified in the national format (8926 ...) and in the international (+ 7926 ...).

In confirmation of the delivery of the request, an SMS will be sent with the text of the following type: "A request for a call to you has been sent to the subscriber ...". The subscriber who is asked to call back, respectively, is watered with the text "The subscriber ... asks you to call him back." You can use this service even when you are roaming, but the number of requests of this type per day is strictly limited. Their number does not exceed 10 pieces per day.

You can also use the “I called” service, in which the “Megaphone” system offers to make a call at the expense of the interlocutor. When you call, the autoinformer automatically turns on, which informs the called subscriber about the lack of Money on the caller's account and make an offer to provide the service “Call at the expense of a friend.” For the connection to occur, the other party must wait for a response. If the call is canceled by the second subscriber for any reason (refusal, busy status, unavailable), the system will send an SMS on your behalf, which will show the time and date of the call, as well as the text: “The subscriber ... could not reach you. You can call him back. Information about the service by phone 0759 ".

Services asking for payment incoming call can be managed independently. You can determine the list of phones to which they will arrive. The subscriber to disable the service sends the command * 439 * 1 # or SMS with the text “Off” to special number 000220. You can activate the request “Call at the expense of a friend” by dialing before the number of the subscriber “000”.


Automatic call at the expense of the interlocutor is disabled by the command * 439 * 7 #. However, the addressee will receive an SMS about dialing attempts in any case.

Costs need to be planned in advance. But, no matter how hard we try, situations arise when the money runs out on the balance, and you need to contact the subscriber urgently. Operators have provided the ability to send SMS with a request to call back to the selected number. How to send a free from the megaphone - the information below.

Knowledge of how to send a beacon from a megaphone may be needed all at once: keep this short combination in your phone’s memory and you will always be in touch. To signal that you are waiting for a call, dial * 144 * XXXXXXXXXXX # and press the call symbol (the default is a green handset).

X represents the number of the person you want to contact. It can be written through +7 in the international format, and you can use 8, as in the Russian.

You can describe how to send a beggar from a megaphone in the following steps:

  1. Sending request "Call me back".
  2. After the USSD code has been executed, a message appears on the phone screen that the operation has been completed and you will receive the delivery status in a text message.
  3. Then you receive SMS that the subscriber received your beacon. Delivery time depends on whether it is online or not. The maximum shelf life of your message is 12 hours. If the called number is offline, you will be informed about the failed attempt.
  4. The person to whom you are sending the application “Waiting for a call” will receive a message. If this is included in his plans and there is a possibility, he will contact you.
  5. Per day is allowed to send no more than 5 requests. Remember this and spend them correctly.

Instructions on how to send a request on a megaphone to call back another operator does not differ from the above.

More about the service

In order to use the service, it does not need to specifically connect. In each tariff plan Megaphone, by default, includes the service of sending beacons-beggars. Subscription fee Free: requests are completely free for the sender and receiver. The only exception is roaming. SMS will be sent free of charge, but the call that follows will be charged according to the terms of the contract for international communication.

There is one restriction on sending a request - it cannot be sent to a foreign operator. You can visit the official website of the operator and learn how you can always stay in touch.

Megaphone offers its customers a variety of options and additional features - you can choose what you need with your own help or with a consultant.

The only disadvantage of this service from the operator is that it can not be disabled. Yes, and why to do it: SMS informing is absolutely free, brings a minimum of inconvenience (advertising mailing from Megaphone) and helps out of a difficult situation.

Alternative ways

Alternative ways

It is necessary to briefly talk about other ways to notify a person that you have stayed at zero balance and want to contact him.

Recharge account

The principle of operation is the same as in “Call Me”. The teams themselves are similar, and therefore they are often confused. To send a message with a request to replenish your balance, you need to dial * 143 * (instead of * 144 *) subscriber number #.

Call due to the interlocutor

In this case, your conversation will be paid for by the balance of the subscriber to whom you are calling - provided that he confirms his readiness to be a sponsor. To contact in this way, enter 000 before the number and click on the call: the receiver of the call will hear a warning that the money will be deducted from his personal account.

In order not to remain with a minus on the account, activate the service mobile bank - it will allow you to replenish the balance of the phone automatically.

Because of this, you will always be in touch - because your interlocutors will not always be able to call you back at the first request.

Probably everyone at least once got into a situation where you need to urgently call, and the money in the account cell phone not. A well-known operator took care of their customers and created a special service “call me a megaphone”. It can be used by all clients of the mobile operator without exception.

How to use the service?

Many are interested in how to send a request to call back on a megaphone? This can be done using the following actions:

  1. Send a request to the user number of any mobile operators. To do this, dial * 144 *, then the number of the called addressee without spaces, the # sign and press the call key. It should be remembered that the number should be indicated in the following format: “+7” for users of cellular networks abroad and “8” for those who use the connection in Russia.
  2. If done correctly, then confirmation will come In the reply SMS, which will indicate that the subscriber received a message, where they are asked to call. In turn, at the end of the wire will also receive a similar message, that he was asked to call. Call me on the megaphone can use the option even while roaming.

You should know that you can send no more than 10 requests to ask to call back within 24 hours. The validity of each request will be no more than 12 hours.

Option “I called”

The mobile operator offers to use the service “I called”, through which the subscriber can carry out   outgoing call   at the expense of a friend or family member The mobile operator offers to use the service “I called”, through which the subscriber can carry out outgoing call at the expense of a friend or family member. During the call, the autoinformer will work, which will inform the interlocutor that there is not enough money in the account and he has the opportunity to use the option “Call at the expense of a friend”. If the interlocutor agrees, then he does not need to disconnect from the network, but should wait for the response of the client of the cellular company.

If the call is canceled if another user is busy, unavailability or disagreement on the call, he will receive a message stating that the subscriber could not reach him and you will be asked to call him. To manage the option megaphone call me, please, you can independently. With this client cellular operator may choose whom such requests will reach, and who will not. To do this, you can use any of the following methods:

  1. Send a message with the text “Off” or “Off”. This service is completely free.
  2. Dial a combination of numbers and symbols * 439 * 1 # and press the call key.
  3. Send a message to the number 000220 with the text “Off” or “Off”.

In addition, the subscriber can activate the option “Call at the expense of another user” by making a request by dialing 000 and the number of the called client of cellular communication. To turn off the service, call me a megaphone, you need to use a command from numbers and symbols * 439 * 7 # and press the call button. In this case, SMS messages with information about attempts to reach him will still come to the addressee’s number.

Are there any restrictions on tariffs and balance for this service?
Are there any restrictions on tariffs and balance for this service?
How to use the service?
Many are interested in how to send a request to call back on a megaphone?