How to take a loan for a megaphone 50 rubles. How to borrow money from Megaphone? Service "Promised payment

  1. On the internet
  2. All inclusive
  3. Key features
  4. Activate "Pay when convenient"?
  5. Is it profitable to order the "promised payment"?
  6. Megaphone service - "Trust"
  7. Promised payment: what is a service and how to connect it?
  8. Pay when it is convenient: what is the service and how to connect?

If there is not enough money on your account to make a call, for example, to relatives in another city, and there is no opportunity to replenish the balance right now, the option of promised payment on Megaphone will help. Different situations happen: you forgot to pay for the Internet, but they turned it off at the wrong time, a subscription fee is being charged at a rate, but the salary is only a few days later. In order to be in touch, regardless of such unpleasant situations, the possibility was developed to borrow, and to pay the amount spoken later.

There are three standard service options:

  • The usual “promised payment” (amounts from 50 to 300 rubles).
  • On the Internet.
  • On the line of tariffs "all inclusive".

When you have less than 50 rubles on your balance, you may receive an information sms with an offer to order the service and stay in touch always. This is just a suggestion that does not mean that you will be disconnected instantly. Connection same trust payment on Megaphone it is possible at any threshold of balance, even negative.

An important feature: for the subscriber to use the service, the operator debits an additional amount of money for the connection. The amount of the collected commission depends on the amount by which the subscriber replenishes his balance. If you do not understand where the extra 10-15 rubles went from the account, first find out whether you borrowed money.

If you have just connected to the subscriber network, you can only connect a payment in the amount of 50 rubles. For subscribers who have been served in MegaFon for more than two months, other options are available - 150 and 300 rubles at a time. Connection fee, if you charge:

  • 50 rubles - 5 (available for 1 day);
  • 150 rubles - 10 (given for 3 days);
  • 300 rubles - 20 (also given only for 3 days from the moment of activation).

It is impossible to borrow a different amount within the service. It can also be connected in several ways, depending on which is more convenient for you. Ways of how to borrow on Megaphone:

  1. USSD-command * 106 # (after which - the call). The flash-sms will appear on the screen with information about the amounts available to you.
  2. If you know exactly what amount you want to order, the command can be of this format: * 106 * required amount # .
  3. Send sms with the specified amount. The number is 0006 .
  4. Call from your phone number 0006 and, following the instructions of the answering machine, connect the payment of interest.
  5. Contact any office of the operator and order the service.
  6. Through the Personal Account

Also, subscribers can connect auto refill - every time there is 0 rubles left on the account, you will be sent a payment of 300. To connect it, you can send sms with any text to the number 000600 , the exception is the text “STOP” (or it is also in English: “STOP” ), with the help of which the activated service is deactivated.

On the internet

The promised payment on the Internet on Megaphone is given for a period of three days, after which you will need to pay the monthly fee and commission. You can take a maximum of 2500 rubles, the maximum commission - 50 rubles per request. For three days, you can continue to use the Internet without any problems.

You do not have to drive the required amount yourself - if there is an Internet option connected, simply send an SMS or ussd request:

  • * 106 * 6 # - request.
  • 000601 - sms with any text.
  • You can also call the number 0006 or contact the office for help in connecting.

It is important - in addition to the commission and the amount of the subscription fee, another 10 rubles is automatically charged, so that after writing off the payment for using the option, the balance remains positive.

All inclusive

Subscribers serviced on one of the TPs of the “All Inclusive” line (a tariff line with a fixed monthly payment for a certain number of minutes, sms and Internet traffic) during the payment debit period, you can connect the promised MegaFon payment for the amount charged according to the tariff plan. It is possible to activate it 2 days before the subscription fee is written off (and it is charged regularly according to the tariff plan on the night of the 2nd day of each month) or 5 days later. On other days the service will be unavailable.

If you are serviced on the All Inclusive TP, no matter which one, 2 days before the cancellation, you will receive a message with the offer to connect the option. The exception is for subscribers who have in advance the required amount for payment on the account. In sms there will be all the information, you can connect it by simply sending a reply message with any text (or just empty). The service is activated exactly on the day of the cancellation of the AP by the tariff. Other ways of how to borrow on subscription fee on Megaphone:

  • 000602 - the number to which you can send a message with any text.
  • * 106 * 5 # - USSD request.
  • Contact customer service or office.

You do not need to choose the amount, it will be the one you need. Validity period - 5 days from the start of the connection. It will be possible to connect only if you are already serviced on the Megaphone for at least 2 months, on one of the TP of the line you should be serviced all this time.

If you have connected “Trust”, make sure that the limit has not been exceeded. Otherwise order trust payment just will not work. Other active payments (normal or for the Internet) on the number when activated should not be. You can check the connected via a personal account on the Internet.

Key features

Features that you need to know, connecting a certain type of promised payment:

  • Payment on the Internet is not charged if you have a credibility connected and there is still enough money on the loan before it is written off.
  • Disabling services is not necessary, they are automatically disabled after the expiration period. If you replenished your account earlier - do not worry, the payment amount will be simply written on the right day. As an option - you may receive a message with a proposal to disconnect.
  • The option can be activated no more than five times per calendar month - subject to timely payment of the amount used.
  • Commission is charged immediately upon activation.
  • When you connect the service in the office or by calling for an option, an additional 10 rubles are charged.

Very often, money on a mobile account runs out at the most inopportune moment. With zero balance can not send SMS or go to the Internet. Megaphone has thought of such moments and offers its subscribers many ways to replenish their account quickly using a terminal or a credit card.

But in cases where it is not possible to quickly find the terminal you need, you can use special service "Short-term loan", and we will tell in more detail how to borrow on Megaphone.

Through this service, the subscriber receives cash on credit for a short period. You can order it even if the subscriber is in roaming. First you need to fulfill a few simple requirements:

  • the subscriber activated the number at least 6 months ago;
  • Positive or zero balance at the time of service activation.

Depending on the tariff plan subscribers can expect to receive credit Money from 100 to 300 rubles. This was done on purpose, because Megafon has a lot of tariff plans that subscribers choose for their interests.

That is usually not enough subscribers to call back at the right time or send SMS. After that, you need to find a self-service terminal, or simply ask a friend to replenish your mobile account to pay off the debt.

The “Pay when it’s convenient” service from Megafon will allow you to receive information about your balance in the form of three lines:

  1. The first line is the status "Available". This line shows the total amount that is available to the subscriber, taking into account loan funds ;
  2. The limit provided. This shows the amount credit limit that the operator provided. Before you borrow money on Megaphone, you need to check your account again, because there are restrictions that will be discussed further;
  3. The last line will be the balance. This figure will show how much real money is currently on your mobile account.

In cases where the real balance reaches a negative mark, the operator will add a date to the status to which the debt must be repaid. If the subscriber has not been able to replenish the account for a month, then from the 21st to the 26th day of the next month, his phone will receive SMS with a request to pay off the debt.

But if the subscriber ignores the message this time, his number will be automatically blocked.

Useful material :?

Activate "Pay when convenient"?

To activate the service, it is enough to use a short USSD request.

To do this, you need to dial * 550 * 1 # on your mobile phone and press the call key. You can also use a regular SMS message in which you need to write the text "1" and poison it on short number 5050.

At Megaphone, you can borrow 50 rubles, but for some regions of the country the amount may be increased.

Is it profitable to order the "promised payment"?

Is it profitable to order the promised payment

There is another method, how to quickly get money on your phone. The operator provides its customers additional service urgent replenishment mobile account "Promised payment".

To take it, the client must cooperate with Megafon for more than 6 months and not have a negative balance at the time of activation. Users get the chance to instantly transfer to their account the amount from 50 to 300 rubles. The loan is issued for only 3 days and after the expiration of the term it is necessary to immediately repay the entire debt, otherwise the number is blocked.

First you need to check the availability of services for the current subscriber. To do this, you need to dial * 106 # on your phone. After that, the screen will display the maximum available amount of credit, if the service is available at all. For the use of credit funds, the operator will take a commission, which will be about 10%.

The operator provides an alternative way to activate the service. For this you need to drop an SMS message with the text "50, 100 or 300" to the number 0006. Also available in personal account on the Megaphone site.

Megaphone service - "Trust"

This is another type of short-term loan, which can be obtained if two rules are observed: customer’s subscription experience is more than half a year and there is no debt on other services.

An additional requirement that is placed on subscribers is total spending on services. cellular communication over the past 90 days must be at least 600 rubles.

To activate, just dial the phone number combination * 138 # and press the call key. Next, enter the required amount and also click on the call, the money will be credited to the subscriber’s account after a couple of minutes.

For various reasons, it is not always possible to replenish your account on time. mobile phone . When there is no money on the phone, and the need to send SMS and make calls is urgently needed, subscribers think about how to borrow on Megaphone. Fortunately, the operator mobile communications provided at once 2 possibilities to solve this problem: the service “Promised payment” and the service “Pay when convenient”.

Promised payment: what is a service and how to connect it?

The promised payment is a very common service. Almost everybody has the same name. Russian operators communication. The essence of this service is that with a low or negative balance It is possible to replenish the phone account with 50, 100 or 300 rubles for a period of up to 3 days. However, the amount received may differ from the requested amount, as it is calculated directly by Megaphone based on the current balance, as well as the history of payment for Megaphone services in previous months. Accordingly, the more you spend per month, the greater will be the loan amount on the Megaphone, which the operator approves. The service is available with a balance not lower than -250 rubles.

The service is paid, so before you borrow money on Megaphone, you should think about the feasibility of such a payment. The minimum commission is 5 rubles, it is written off immediately after the money is credited to the balance, so if we borrow 300 rubles, in fact, the account is only replenished by 280. Within 3 days from the moment you decide to borrow money on the Megaphone, you need to replenish the phone bill not less than the amount of the promised payment, otherwise the phone will be blocked.

For subscribers of “All Inclusive” tariffs, the Service “Promised Payment” offers to receive more large sums , since the monthly expenses only on the monthly fee range from 400 rubles. Accordingly, the minimum amount of the promised payment for such clients ranges from 450 to 1400 rubles. All subscribers of the “All Inclusive” tariff plan can subscribe to this service, including those connected to archive packages (valid, but new customers are not connected). The amount depends on the chosen tariff plan, the current balance, as well as on the time before or after the cancellation of subscription fees.

If you borrow money in this way, you should remember the basic ways how to activate the service: If you borrow money in this way, you should remember the basic ways how to activate the service:

  • USSD request to number * 106 #.
  • Personal account on the site Megaphone.
  • SMS to number 0006 with the amount (* for automatic promised payment).

Only regular customers of Megafon, who use a SIM card for more than 3 months, can borrow, but with a minimum period of use, the available amount on a Megaphone is 50 rubles. Only after six months of using the card, the subscriber can count on the maximum amount of the loan. There is also the possibility of "Automatic promised payment." The service is not one-time, so it automatically turns on when there is no more than 10 rubles left on the balance. The rest of the conditions of the action coincide with the usual.

The funds received are credited to the account immediately after the service is activated, it is not necessary to disconnect it, since it is disposable.

Pay when it is convenient: what is the service and how to connect?

The service "Pay when convenient" is free. The essence of the option is that monthly “trust credits” are calculated, so you can make calls, go online or send SMS even with a negative balance until it reaches the limits of the loan. Set limit It is calculated individually for each subscriber, therefore it is impossible to name the maximum available amount in cash equivalent. However, in practice, the limit does not exceed 180% of monthly costs. Usually, for the settlement period, the last 3 months are taken, so the option can be activated after 3 months from the moment of card activation. “Promised payment” and “Pay when convenient” cannot be used simultaneously.

  • USSD request to the number * 550 * 1 #.
  • SMS with number 1 to number 5050.
  • Call by number hot line Megaphone (0500 or 88005500500).
  • In your account on the site.

For subscribers who use the card for less than 3 months, there are no options for how to borrow money. But customers can use other options available with a negative balance.

Is it profitable to order the "promised payment"?
Pay when it is convenient: what is the service and how to connect?
Activate "Pay when convenient"?
Is it profitable to order the "promised payment"?
Promised payment: what is a service and how to connect it?
Pay when it is convenient: what is the service and how to connect?