How can I fix ntoskrnl.exe blue screen of death?

  1. Make sure all your hardware drivers are updated.
  2. Check for equipment malfunctions.

The Blue Screen of Death or BSOD is a scary (and frustrating) experience. Your computer suddenly stops all that it does, shows this mysterious error, and then either it is useless or mysteriously reboots. On a particularly bad day, this will continue over and over again, and you will not be able to do anything. Fortunately, as soon as you determine which screen you are getting, you can quickly narrow down and fix the problem. NTOSKRNL.exe runs many different things on your computer, so it may take a bit of trial and error to determine the source of NTOSKRNL.exe Blue Screen Of Death, but this is very possible even with basic computer skills. The Blue Screen of Death or BSOD is a scary (and frustrating) experience

“The dreaded blue screen of death (BSOD) strikes fear among most computer users”

Make sure all your hardware drivers are updated.

  1. Run Windows Update to find out if there are any problems. Although it’s not the most reliable update for driver updates, it’s an easy place to start your search. Some of them may be listed as additional updates, so an additional second is also required to check this list.
  2. Check manufacturers and hardware sites for driver updates. Laptops and ready-made desktops will receive their drivers from the manufacturer. Enter your model on the support page, you need to provide a list of current drivers for your product. If your computer was made of parts, then the people who created the hardware will be the ones who will create the drivers for you. Check with everyone to see if there is something that you missed. The manufacturer of the motherboard is the most important, as it has the main part of the computer drivers with it.
  3. Run driver reviver on your computer. This little tool can pick up drivers that Windows Update will miss, and will ensure that you get the right drivers, even if you don’t know how to check them separately. Even better, it scans your computer and helps to remove old and incorrect drivers. This can be the same problem as the lack of new ones.
  4. Let your system work a little and see if this fixes the problem.

Check for equipment malfunctions.

  1. A faulty hard drive can cause an NTOSKRNL.exe error, as well as some others. You can download tools from all major hard drive manufacturers who will test your drive to find out if it has problems. Seatools from Seagate and Western Digital Drive utilities are the two most common and will work on any drive brand.
  2. Use Memtest to test your memory. This may take some time, so make sure you have time to save, or let it run all night. It is absolutely free download and has been used by professionals for many years.
  3. Replace all defective components. As soon as the component begins to fail, the system will become increasingly unstable until it is fully completed. Hard drives store everything that you have saved on your computer, so copy the copy as soon as possible to another drive to restore the data after it has been replaced.

“MemTest has been testing for memory errors for many years,”

One of these two elements is probably the cause of your problem. Once you have found the problem, it's pretty easy to fix. Although the errors on the blue screen are terrible, even the NTOSKRNL.exe error is something that you can diagnose, fix and continue your life.

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