Britney Spears broke her record and made a new splits in the jump!

Britney Spears (36) has long been keen on sports and gladly shares his successes on the Instagram page. It seems that she likes all kinds of physical activity - except for fitness, the pop singer practices yoga and ballet choreography!

Just see how deftly she performs the headstand and twists the fouette (one of the most difficult exercises during which you need to take turns on the toes of one leg and at the same time make circular movements in the air with the other leg).

But yesterday, Britney struck everyone! She demonstrated incredible flexibility in jumping - performed twine in the air!

“More than a year ago I published a photo of my jump. I wanted to see if I could go higher. And I did it! I really should have gone to the ballet, ”signed Britney.

Of course, the followers of Spears were delighted. “This is flexibility,” some said. “Wow, that’s just incredible,” commented the others.